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Hachenberg & Sons primarily offers Steinway grand pianos from the vintage era of Steinway; roughly during the years 1895-1940.Experts agree that the Steinways that were built when the Steinway family had ownership, are the finest instruments to have been produced by the factory and are becoming rarer. Before World War II, in a period called the “Go n Age of Pianos” the Steinway company was hugely success . With the factory running full-steam, their workforce of
Restored & Pre-owned Steinway Pianos
craftsmen, mostly German immigrants back then, were very busy making what many experts believe to be the best Steinways ever made. But then movies and radio came along and the stock market tanked. WWII brought material shortages and hundreds of piano manufacturers went belly-up. Steinway survived making green upright pianos and life boats for the war effort and other products. After the war, Steinway struggled to keep going despite years of red ink. Finally in 1972, the Steinway heirs, after more than a century of family ownership, decided to cash out and sell the company to CBS. After CBS, the company has past through several hands. Interestingly, the new owners of Steinway currently contract with the Kawai (Japan) and Pearl River (China) piano factories to build pianos for them. At Hachenberg & Sons, hand selected pianos are meticulously restored to their original beauty, both inside and out. When restoring a piano, we match internal parts to the original specifications of the piano so that, when completed, the piano is as it existed at date-of-birth. Hachenberg & Sons uses all genuine Steinway parts and every piano is fine-tuned several times before the instrument ever makes its way out to the showroom. Our inventory is not limited to what is shown on our website. Besides our website inventory list we have many unrestored pianos including some in the restoration process that are not shown but that can be restored to your specification.
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