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Fort Huachua Main Chaple (on base) 2- Everett 1152 Studio
Tucson Unified School Miller Elementary Everett 1152 Studio
Tucson Unified School Miller Elementary Everett 1155 Studio
Greenfield Country School Everett 1152 Studio
Valley Bible Church Everett 1152 Studio
Fath Tabernacle Church Grand
Amphi High School Studio
Desert Chapel Studio
Cebterak Baptist Church Studio
Grace Chapel Grand
Nogales Carpenter Jr. High School Studio
Davis Monthas Air Force Base Church Everett 1155 Studio
Church of God Pearce AZ Hamilton Studio
Villia Campana Retirement Home Everett 5107 Studio
Amphi High School Studio
Broadway Proper Retirement Home Studio
St. Johns United Methodist Church Sojin Studio
Star Baptist Church Sojin Grand
Holy Trinity Church Grand
Amphi School Studio
University of Arizona Studio
St. Frances Church Green Valley Baldwin Studio
Emaruel Baptist Church Grand
Tanque Verde Lutheran Church Grand
Unity Church Yamaha C-7 Grand
United Church of Christ Grand
Eastern Arizona College Yamaha C-7 Grand
Nancy O'Brien School of Music 6- Clavinovas CLP-560
Prince Chapel Grand
Keeling Elementary School Yamaha P-22 T Studio
Sun City Vistoso Retirement Community Clavinovas CVP-65
First Baptist Church Wilcox Kohler & Campbell Studio
Flowing Wells School Studio
Broadway East Apts Clavinova CVP-35
Eastern Arizona College Studio
Tucson Christian Mandarin Church Studio
St Francis in the Valley Grand
Christ Presbyterian Church Used Studio
Residents of Sierra Vista Mobile Home Village Story and Clark
Tucson High School Yamaha P-22 Studio
Tucson High School Yamaha P-22 Studio
Baptist Church of Nogales Clavinova CLP-155
Pima Community College Clavinova CLP-123
Southwest School of Music and Dance 4 UST-8
Ventana Vista Elementary Clavinova CLP-123
Central Baptist Church UST-8 Studio
Tucson High Magnet School Yamaha P-22 Studio
Southwest School of Music and Dance 4-UST-8 Studio
Catalina United Methodist Church Clavinova CLP-154
New Testament Church Wurlitzer Studio
University of Arizona Clavinova CLP-153
Tucson Full Gospel Chapel Grand
University of Arizona Clavinova CVP-69
Frist Southern Baptist Church Grand
St Francis Chruch KSP-30
University of Arizona Residence Life Clavinovs CLP-411
First Southern Baptist Church Clavinova CLP-511
Duncan School Lowery and Story & Clark
Unitarian Universalist Church Clavinova CVP-75
Rincon Church PM 80
OroValley Church Yamaha GH- Grand
Spanish Trail Church Clavinova CLP-811
Arizona Theatre Company UST-8 Studio
Cochise Elementary School UST-8 Studio
Pastor Ronald Cloe Clavinova CVP-59
Tanque Verde School Dist. Studio
United Methodist Church Yamaha P-22 Studio
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Yamaha P-22 Studio
Streams in the Desert Church Grand
University of Arizona School of Music Clavinova CVP-92
Sunrise Comm Church PN-80
Sunrise Comm Church Clavinova CPL-311
Ironwood Church Yamaha P-22 Studio
Vista De La Moniana United Methodist Church Clavinova CVP-92
Cross Middle School Yamaha P-22 Studio
Wilson School Yamaha P-22 Studio
Our Lady of Future Church Yamaha M-450 Studio
Flowing Wells Baptist Church Clavinova CVP-96
Holy Trinity Church Clavinova GT-10
St. Francis Church Weber W-G-50 Grand
Desert Point La Reserve Retirement Community Weber W-G-50 Grand
Orange Grove Middle School Clavinova CLP-611
Living Word Chapel Yamaha P-22 Studio
St. Paul Academy Yamaha Disk C-3 Grand
Grace Lutheran Church Clavinova CLP-840
Pines at the Park Weber W-G-50 Grand
Pima Community College Grand
Desert Skies United Methedist Church Clavinova CVP-98
St. Marks Presbyterian Church Clavinova CVP-92
Tucson Unified School Grand
Northern Minster Presbyterian Church Yamaha C-6 Grand
Grace St, Paul Episcopal Church UST-8 Studio
Word of Life Church Clavinova CVP-600
Rincon Country Club UST-8 Studio
St. Francis in the Hills CP-150
Unitarian Fellowship of Silver City Clavinova CVP-92
Residental Life Sierra Hall Kohler & Campbell Studio
Residental Life Christopher City George Steck Studio
Tortolita Presbyterian Yamaha T121 Studio
Rincon Baptist Church Grand
Eastern Arizona College Studio
University of Arizona Kimball Studio
University of Arizona Wurlitzer Studio
Mexico Music School 3-Studios
Community Church of Saddlebrook Clavinova CVP-109
Green Valley Rec. Center Yamaha T-121 Studio
Panteno Baptist Church Grand
University of Arizona Residence Life Kimball Studio
Trinity Presbyterian Church Yamaha C-7 Grand
Tucson Hebrew Academy Clavinovas CVP-92
University of Arizona School of Music 20 Units Clavinovas CVP-103
University of Arizona School of Music 2 Units Clavinovas CVP-107
First Baptist Church Clavinovas CVP-107
Amphi Public School Yamaha GH-1 Grand
Amphi Public School Ironwood Yamaha P-22 Studio
St. Joesphs Church Clavinova CVP-109
Tucson Independent Church Mason & Hamlin Studio
Wilcox Middle School UST-8 Studio
Amphi School Yamaha C_6 Grand
Amphi Public School Ironwood 2- Yamaha P-22 Studios
Eastern Arizona College Studio
University of Arozina School of Music Clavinova CVP-207
Salpointe Catholic High School Yamaha C-3 Grand
Sharon SDA Church Weber SG-152 Grand
First Baptist Church Clavinova CVP-107
Trinity Lutheran Church Clavinova 950.
Shephard of the Hills Church Clavinova CVP-201
Lord of Grace Lutheran Church Grand
First Baptist Church 9' Yamaha CF-3 Grand
Tucson Unified School 5- Yamaha P-22 Studios
Apostolic Morning Light Church Studio
Northwest Baptist Chruch Weber W-G-175 Grand
Grace Chapel Clavinova CLP-970
Vista De La Montena Methedist Church Grand
Spanish Trail Church UST-8 Studio
Faith Presbyterian Church Sierra Vista Grand
Prime School of Music 8 Units Clavinovas CVP-201
Body of Christ Church Clavinova CLP-130
Prime School of Music 4- Yamaha P-22 Studios
Desert Valley SDA Church Grand
Santa Cruz Singers Clavinova CLP-170
Tucson Baptist Temple Clavinova CVP-207
Eastern Arizona College 3-Studios
Tucson Alumiac Club Weber Behning
University of Arizona Dance Dept. Steinway B Grand
Nogales Schools 4-UST-8 Studio
University of Arozina Yamaha GA-1 Grand
Ironwood Hill Church Yamaha GH-1 Grand
St. Garand's Chapel Knabe Grand
Sunizona First Baptist Church Yamaha M-450 Studio
Music Academy of Tucson Studio
Ascenson Lutheran Church Grand
Tucson Unified School Yamaha P-22 Studio
University of Arizona Residence Life 2- Yamaha GA 1 A Grands
Santa Cruz Union High School Yamaha P-22 Studio
First Congergational Church Tombstone Clavinova CVP-202
New Life Community Church Grand
Pima Community College Northwest Campus Everett Studio
Northland Pioneer College Grand
Safford Middle School Clavinova CLP-130
Friendship Baptist Church Clavinova CVP-202
Prime School of Music Clavinova CVP-202
Green Valley Rec. Center 3- Yamaha T-121 Studios
Most Holy Trinity Clavinova CVP-202
Nogales Schools 2- Clavinova CVP-206's
Safford High School Grand
Tucson Bible Church Clavinova CLP-120
San Pedro Evangelical Free Church Clavinova CVP-900
Catalina Foothills Church Clavinova CVP-301
St. Elizabeth Church Yamaha C-6 Grand
Soveign Grace Baptist Church Young Chang Studio
Christ Church of Tucson Young Chang Grand
Marana School District Yamaha T-116 Studio
Tucson Parks & Rec. Yamaha P-22 Studio
Pima College Baldwin Hamilton Studio
Country Estates Baptist Church Clavinova CVP-210
Church of the Painted Hills Grand
Pearce in the Valley Lutheran Church Clavinova CVP-303
Casa Church Yamaha C-2 Grand
True Valley Baptist Yamaha GC-1 Grand
Tucson High Magnet School 17- Clavinova CLP-115's
Prime School of Music Yamaha C-2 Grand
Reganeration Baptist Church Clavinova CLP-240
Living Word Family Church Clavinova CLP-115
Safford Unified School Clavinova CLP-230
Trinity Lutheran Church Clavinova CVP-301
Residents Life Cochise Hall Retirement Center Baldwin Acrosonic
Green Valley Church of Religious Science Clavinova CLP-240
Tucson Symphony Womens Assoc 3- Clavinova CVP-201's
Nogales School Dist. 2- Yamaha P-22 Studios
San Javier Mission Clavinova CLP-220
Music Academy of Tucson Studio
Sierra Vista Servants Christ Church of Ministry Studio
Desert Life Rehab. Schafer Sons Grand
Santa Catelina Villas Retirement Community Steinway A Grand
Sierra Vista Middle School Yamaha M-500 Studio
Tucson Unified School Davidson Elematery Yamaha P-22 Studio
First Presbyterian Church Clavinova CVP-303
Santa Cruz Valley Union High School Yamaha P-22 Studio
Our Saviour Lutheran Church Yamaha U-3 Studio
Green Fields Country Day School Yamaha T-116 Studio
First Baptist Church Grand
Shinning Light Baptist Church Clavinova CLP-240
Tucson Baptist Temple Yamaha C-7 Grand
Ft. Huachuca Chapel Yamaha C-6 Grand
St. Andrews the Apostle Church Grand
Safford Unified School Yamaha C-3 Grand
Assumption of Mary Church Clavinova CVP-301
Tucson Full Gospel Church Yamaha C-6 Grand
Calvary St. David Church Clavinova CVP-301
Community Worship at Trails West Clavinova CVP-301
Tucson Estates Mobile Home Community Grand
Ft. Huachuca Chapel Clavinova CLP-240
The Fountain at La Cholla Sohmer Studio
Mt. View Baptist Church Yamaha P-22 Studio
Tucson Unified School Studio
Tucson Unified School Yamaha UST-7 Studio
St. Francis in the Foothill Clavinova CVP-307
Central Lutheran Church 2- Clavinova CVP-301's
Pima College 24- Clavinova CVP-403's
Pima College Clavinova CVP-407
Ft. Huachuca Chapel 3- Clavinova CVP-230's
Mount Olive Church Clavinova CLP-270
Rincon Mt. Presbyterian Chruch Clavinova CLP-295
Eastside Assembly of God Church Yamaha C-2 Grand
Eastern Arizona College Yamaha P-22 Studio
First Baptist Church Hallet & Davis 143 Grand
Eastern Arizona College Studio
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